We’ve been busy immersed in our Madness!

We have completed an additional 7 puzzles for future publication.  Once you have survived the Practice, Easy and the single Hard puzzles, we shall unleash more upon the unsuspecting world!  Tell us when you have  completed the initial set.  We will be very impressed.

OK, You asked for it.

We’ve completed 5 more puzzles, from ‘Transcendental’ to ‘Hessian Quest’.  Some easy, some hard; you’ll only know after you’ve finished. Are we Mad, yet? Yes!

How about an Easy puzzle?

Due to popular demand, we’re going to produce a few Easy puzzles, just to bridge the madness gap between the Practice and Hard puzzles.  We hope you find these Easy puzzles quite maddening!  The first one is published: Fear!!

Check out our newest: Pride

As we move forward, creating some really exciting puzzles, we are refining our technique to give you even more exciting quotes.  It’s not easy; however, nobody ever said Madness was easy!

More Puzzles are ready for the pleasure of you Madness!

David and I have completed two more puzzles for you over the past month.  Thank you for your positive response and feedback.  We will continue to produce these puzzles, as they are as fun to build as they are to solve! (yes, even after creating a puzzle, we do sometimes have to scratch our heads […]

A new format has arrived!

Check out our new puzzle and answer format.  You can now work a puzzle from two opposing pages without flipping.  The grid is much more user friendly, as well. Let us know how it works for you!

Time to dip your toe into the Madness!

Take a look at the menu item ‘The Puzzles’. We have added 3 simple and 1 difficult puzzle.  If you have never solved a Madness puzzle before, you should really practice with the simple ones. Otherwise we cannot be responsible for the madness that would otherwise ensue. Enjoy, and please contact us to let us […]