Welcome to Madness, a truly novel form of the traditional acrostic puzzle.

Below are several puzzles to introduce you to the Madness puzzles; many more are in the works.
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Warning Warning Warning
Please read the instructions, as this is not your typical acrostic; it is 4 times the challenge.
Then, complete each of the 3 Practice puzzles to learn the subtle techniques.
You will soon enough be on your way into the exhilarating depths of Madness!


Click here for the Madness Instructions

(For best printing of the Instructions, Puzzles and Answers: 8.5×11, Landscape, Double sided)

Madness Puzzle Name


Puzzle Download

Answer Download

Murderous ActorsPracticePuzzle SheetAnswer Sheet
Tragic Middle EastPracticePuzzle SheetAnswer Sheet
Place of HorrorPracticePuzzle SheetAnswer Sheet
Fear Easy Puzzle SheetWrite us for the answer!
Courage Easy Puzzle SheetWrite us for the answer!
Youthful Innocence Easy Puzzle SheetWrite us for the answer!
Take a Walk on the Wild SideEasyPuzzle SheetWrite us for the answer!
ProposalHardPuzzle SheetWrite us for the answer!


Additional HARD puzzles ready to be published!

A Dog’s Destiny
It dun be Picaresque
Monstrous Vermin
Maps and Spots
Red Horror
The Good and the Beautiful
Deep Mystery
Wings of Darkness
Greener Gardens
Repentance and Dignity
Social Asphyxia
Strange and Sinister
Space Scouts
Twentieth Century Odyssey
All and None
Stifled in Bondage
Farm Charm
Hessian Quest
Gothic Faust
Virtue Over Wealth
Who are the Civilized
A Satirical Venture
A Ship Adrift
It Will Give You Paws
Right Under Your Feet
Welcome to the Club
Pleasure Refined
Wild, Wild Test
Dubious Depths of Humanity
The Not-So-Usual Suspects

Criminally INSANE puzzles for the confirmed masochist!

News Paper
The 60’s

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