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Madness Puzzles Presents


A truly novel form of the traditional acrostic puzzle

This is not your typical acrostic; it is 4 times the challenge.
Complete the practice puzzles below to learn the subtle techniques.
You will soon enough be on your way into the exhilarating depths of Madness!

All four volumes of Quadracrostics are now available on Amazon!

Click here for the Amazon page.

Preview the easiest puzzles, if you dare:

Here are the instructions on how to solve a Quadracrostic:     Instructions
And here are the first 3 practice puzzles from Volume 1:    Practice
(Either click the above link, then save the PDF, or right-click and then Save-As)

Be aware: the puzzles get progressively harder and more insane,
and are not for the faint of heart!

Our Inspiration

All we can say is sit back, take your time, and enjoy the Madness!
We look forward to any comments you may have.